Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Delights of New Year's Roast

Over the Christmas/New Year period Christina and I decided to keep our food and cooking to the bare minimum so we wouldn't do what we usually do and find ourselves with a lot of left-overs after the festivities.

In past years we've had left-overs lost in the dark depths of our refrigerator and too many eventually end up in the bin. We hate wasting food, water or anything else for that matter.

Did that work? Almost.

We did manage to keep our left-overs to a minimum, but then on New Year's Day, I cooked a rather large part leg of salted pork.

It was much larger than we wanted, but it was all we could get at Woolworths, so Chris bought it and I put it on the BBQ for a couple of hours and the above is the result. It was absolutely delicious.

Only yesterday we sliced off the little bit of pork left on the bone and have frozen it to eat at a later date. Christina put the bone into a pressure cooker and knocked up a brew of soup with chick peas, onions, carrots and a few other vegetables.

Why have I posted this? Not to make you hungry, but to tell you that contrary to what Christina says, I DO COOK sometimes.

Hope your New Year is progressing well as is ours.


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