Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Discovering Mossman Gorge - A Refreshing Interlude

Chris took this photo of me in a strangler fig

Well, there are gorges and gorges. Most times I have seen a sign saying "This or That Gorge", I drive in the direction and there's a fence and lookout overseeing a lovely bit of scenery that takes five minutes to see and photograph.

Mossman Gorge is a whole different ball game.

Mossman Gorge isn't just a fence overlooking something wonderful. It is a whole establishment and national park consisting of the usual main building with coffee shop, clothing, tourist pens, mugs, post cards etc and for a very reasonable fee, you can do a walk alone or pay a bit more and do a guided tour with a genuine part-Aboriginal person.

The whole establishment is an Aboriginal venture, no doubt funded by the Federal and Queensland State Government to provide an employment and income source for local indigenes. Everyone working at Mossman Gorge was an Aboriginal or at least part-Aboriginal. It was good to see so many indigenous people employed and apparently contributing to the tax system instead of sitting around on welfare as so many unfortunately do.

This is one government project that seems to have been highly successful thanks to the high levels of tourism in this region.

Chris and I spent a good three hours walking around the tracks and communing with Mother Nature in her natural, pleasant surrounds. Most noticeable were the huge fig trees known as "strangler figs" because they seed from the branches of other trees, dropping long roots into the ground and eventually taking over the host tree.

If you get to Cairns at some time, do the short trip to Mossman and visit Mossman Gorge.


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