Saturday, March 09, 2013

Off in the Beautiful Sea Princess

All Aboard the Sea Princess

Well, here we are on the high seas, north of Australia and heading to Brunei. We've never been on such a large ship before, but many of those in this cruise are recidivists ... if that's an appropriate word. Or perhaps I should refer to them as frequent cruisers.

As the boat rolls from side to side slightly, one has to keep one's balance, but the surrounds are akin to a five star hotel, so it's no burden, although it occurred to me that it's a bit like being under the influence of that demon drink. The key difference is that you wobble when sober, not inebriated. And of course, when you are inebriated (so I'm told), you aren't aware that you are lurching from side to side. Essentially the challenge is the same; something out of your control is causing you to walk a bit funny and occasionally lurch left or right.

Before embarkation, my sister-in-law, Lyndie asked me what I'd do for 40 days. Having just spent a month in Vietnam looking at the many beautiful or at least attractive women there, I thought I could sit by the swimming pool on the ship, Oakey glasses firmly affixed and ogle at some of the bikini beauties. Alas, she informed me that most of the people would be my age and therefore showing advanced signs of wear and tear. Damn! She was spot on. But there are, thankfully, other things to do. And many of the largely Asian crew are worth a second look and chatting with. There are also many nice fellow travellers.

I've been doing some paid work while on board and that has helped fill in a little time. Then there's the Kindle ... plenty of books to read. I did attempt a gym session, but it was chockers and I'm an impatient exerciser who doesn't want to queue for machinery. Never mind, when I get back home it will be back to the three games of golf per week and some cycling.

Talking about Kindles and books; if you are a politician or have anything to do with helping run Australia (or any other Western country for that matter), you really need to obtain a copy of Dr Dambiso Moyo's, "How the West Was Lost". Perhaps also get up to speed on the progress of Islam in the West and elsewhere as it successfully implements both its murderous and passive jihads on freedom, democracy, human rights (especially those of women), and our cherished Western values.

Every morning a copy of "The Officer's Log" arrives with some sales blurbs and a program of activities which includes everything from tooth whitening sessions to movies. Last night we watched the latest Bond movie, Skyfall. There is plenty to do if you are interested in the topics being programmed. One session I have been following is about astronomy and the creation of planets etc which has an excellent, well informed lecturer and many topics of interest if you like space topics. I gave the sessions on "Religions of the East" and Zumba a wide berth.

The food on board is excellent with multiple places to eat. There is the Horizons Restaurant which has a wide variety of foods in a buffet or smorgasbord setting. It seems to be the most popular as you can wear almost anything there. There is a pizza lounge and a first class restaurant where you are expected to wear "smart casual" to dine. All options have a good range of choices and food equal to any other quality restaurant.

So far, the water has been as flat as a billiard table and we have simply cruised along past this or that island wending our way to our destinations.

It's a tough life, but 1,900 of us are doing it on the Sea Princess. Throughout the globe, there are probably tens of thousands floating their way across this or that ocean.