Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day 2010

Australia Day this year is a relatively quiet one for our family. Christina is on afternoon shift at the hospital and I'm home alone watching tennis and doing some tasks about the house, including monitoring some turkey legs getting cooked in our slow cooker.

Shortly I'm going over to our son, Dale's place for a beer (just one, since I'm driving) and to console him a bit as his car was set ablaze by some hoons recently and is a wipe off. What pleasure do these people get destroying someone's property?

My son's not a millionaire and, although the vehicle was insured, he'll not get back in cash what the utility value of it was.

On Saturday evening we have a late Australia Day celebration with friends which should compensate for the slowness of the actual day ... today.

My father was born on Australia Day and when I was a young fellow he told me we got a public holiday to celebrate it. For an hour or two, I'm sure I believed him. He would have been 92 today had he not died too early.

As the chorus our National Anthem states, "Advance Australia Fair."



Dave said...

Having Oz Day fall on a Tuesday has taken some of the fun out of it this year in Dubai as well.

Only two of the bars are firing up with australian themed entertainment. I will also have a quiet one as it is a school night....

Robin said...

It's a bit of a killer not having holidays at the right time in the UAE, but then, we always managed to have them at a different time and have just as much fun.

Stay well.


Misalyn said...

Belated Happy Australia Day!Some of my Australian colleagues celebrated it.

Nice to see you blogging again Robin.

Robin said...

As always, it's nice to hear from you Misalyn.

Had I been there I probably would have organised an Al Ain wide event at the Intercontinental; it was something I thought about, but didn't do.

I did however, arrange an ANZAC Day (war memorial) day function at the Al Ain Golf Club ... it was great.