Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We are fortunate to have Mike and Linda Fairhart still holidaying with us enroute to Canada ex Al Ain. As Christina hadn't had a break for six months (midwifery is a hard life!), we decided we'd head south for a break while showing our guests part of Australia.

We travelled in our old, but reliable Toyota 4WD Forerunner diesel to meet Mike and Linda at Erldunda as they had been to Ayres Rock on a bus tour which terminated (for them) at Erldunda Roadhouse rather than have to travel another two hours north to The Alice.

At Erldunda Mike met and befriended a young kangaroo. A little bread goes a long way in making new friends.

Our first leg took us across the South Australian border where I took a photo of Mike and Linda as proof they had been there, done that.

The first major stop in SA was Coober Pedy, famous for being one of the world's largest opal producers. It's also a place where the heat of summer has driven people underground. The motel shown in the photo is an example of underground living where the hard rock has been carved out to make living space.

From Coober Pedy we headed south to Port Augusta and then east into the Murray River areas of New South Wales an Victoria. More about that soon. Watch this space.



Sikander7 said...

Did you ever read Bill Bryson's book "Down Under"; he mentioned the underground hotel at the opal mine too.

Robin said...

There is a couple of underground hotels, one much larger than the other. I haven't read the book.


PS: There is a great ug pottery, but unfortunately it was closed when we passed through Coober Pedy