Thursday, March 20, 2008

Robyn and Vicki from Australia Visit

Al Ain Skyline from Jebel Hafeet
Recently we had Robyn Bonser and her sister Vicki visit us from Adelaide in Australia. They didn't stay more than four days, but in that time managed to see a little of Al Ain, the mansion in which we live, and the must-see, Hafeet Mountain.
As I was working we had to tackle JH in the evening. The weather was lovely, with a gentle, pleasant breeze and for once the sky was relatively clear. Not perfect, but a little less sand dust filled than usual.
I managed to take a photo of part of the Al Ain skyline. Al Ain is very spread out ... room's not a problem yet ... so there is actually another view larger than this to the right not shown in this photo.
It's always been nice showing off our temporary city to our visitors and they are always surprised to find such a lovely place tucked away out of the glitz, glamour and construction of Dubai.
Stay well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's a dangerous place ...


Although the UAE is a place largely free from physical assaults, it's nevertheless a dangerous place. Unlike the US, danger doesn't come from the end of a barrel; unlike Australia, it doesn't come from a home invasion assault or bashing from an obnoxious football goer, it comes from other drivers.

The statistics for road accident-related deaths here are alarming. In Dubai, the most populated part of the UAE, one person dies every 30h or so and there are dozens of traffic accidents every day. Dubai's Sheik Zayed Road apparently has the distinction of being the most dangerous road on earth.

Yesterday there was a fog induced multi-vehicle pile-up in Abu Dhabi, details of which appear in this Gulf News report:

Admittedly, many other countries have featured in highway pile-ups, but what makes it different here is that people continue speeding when there is fog. They don't slow down and most don't wear seatbelts, so the resultant death and injury levels tend to be higher.

Have a lovely day ... drive sensibly and always wear your seat belt!


PS: See the YouTube video footage here:

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Celebrating Success


Today I decided to celebrate my success by letting you know that the 70 odd articles I have submitted to Ezine Articles have attracted 200,161 readers and have been downloaded 2,242 times by ezine publishers.

The 200 K mark has been creeping up for a while and today was the day.

If you've ever read any of my articles you'll find they cover a range of topics, some humorous and others a little more serious and professional. Taken as a collection, they reveal quite a lot about their author ... whether good or bad. You be the judge.

I have always enjoyed writing and first began writing as a way to spread the links to my Internet sites. It's worked. People read my articles and visit my sites. When ezine publishers download them and display them in newsletters or on their sites, even more people view them and visit my sites.

Simply put, writing articles is good for business.

Nowadays I use a software program to distribute my new articles to hundreds of article publishers. Within minutes my articles are all over the web. I never know how many people read them at other locations, but it's probably well over the 200 K at Ezine Articles.

If you have spare time and like to write, I highly recommend as a good place to start. If you don't write, but like to read about a very wide range of topics, you'll find something at Guaranteed!

Best wishes


PS: I've also finally got my new "All About Blogs" site up and going after quite a few hassles. If you wish to visit, you can find it here: