Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Desert Wildlife Park

With the Australian summer school holidays recently commenced, I've volunteered to look after grandson Tory while mum, Meredith goes to work. It's a job I love, but I must admit it wears me out finding things for us to do. He has boundless energy ... unlike me. I just make it to the end of the day when Meredith picks him up and I'm glad to have a few hours alone or with wife, Christina.

Yesterday we went to the Alice Springs Desert Park. It's a major tourist attraction and is only a kilometre or so from our front door. We set out early to avoid walking in the midday heat and spent most of our time at the Cinema where there is movie depicting the creation of the universe, Central Australia and the MacDonnell Ranges.

We also visited a couple of bird enclosures, rubbed cheeks with an emu or two and spent 45 minutes looking at bilbies, desert rats, owls and a variety of other creatures that are nocturnal. Unfortunately, in the dark it's not always possible to see some of those with camouflage.

Walking around the park is deligthful although warm at this time of year. Tory took one of the audio-guides and I asked him to tell me what each was about after he'd listened to it.

Today we are preparing for our family dinner this Christmas Eve. There's much to do yet, so I have to go.

If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.



Sikander7 said...

Good one! Glad to hear that Troy is doing well; he was quite small but nonetheless energetic when I last saw him.
We had a good Christmas morning and are soon to have our big meal of the day; at 7pm. It's like being in the UAE, with the clandestine Christmas dinners in the evening!

Robin said...

Clandestine dinners ... with pork and alcohol! I remember. Something like the meeting of a secret society hell bent on changing the order of things. Secret handshakes, key words and closed curtains?

We sat outside as it was a delightful day. As many of our neighbours have gone on holidays, it is very quiet and peaceful here.

Aussie said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Robin. May 2009 bring lots of enjoyment your way.

BTW - Vegemite is the solution for waning ability to keep up with the young. I believe it puts a rose on every cheek and a spring in every step.

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