Monday, November 17, 2008

Surfing the Todd River!

I never thought I'd see someone surfin' the Todd, home of the Henley-On-Todd Regatta and as dry as firewood for most days of most years. But yesterday when I went to take a look, there he was ... the "Todd River Surfer" doing his thing.

We've had some lovely rainfall during the past week which has brought the temperatures down and is greening The Alice.

Take a look at the photos here and you'll get a sense of the excitement that follows a few billion litres of rain.

Some enterprising people even set up a small tent to sit and watch their kids and enjoy the moment.
There are three causeways and a couple of high level bridges at Alice Springs. So, when the Todd flows, the causeways are blocked off and we can get from side to side using the high level bridges.

It's not often that the high level bridges are flooded, but it has happened on one or two occasions. When that happens, part of the business centre go under too.

Our friends at Al Ain will be envious of our rain fall since Al Ain is even drier than Central Australia.


PS: Look at the lovely old ghost gum at the right hand side of the last photo. It's probably several hundred years old.


Sikander7 said...

Of course when it rained in the UAE it was fun; I have a story about someone plunging their Toyota Landcruiser into a Wadi that I was just reminded about when I saw those pictures of Alice.

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