Friday, November 21, 2008

Anyone Understand Arabic or Arenglish?

Remember the days a decade or two ago when you'd buy an electronic apparatus like a video recorder and the manual with it was written in Chinglish? No matter how hard you tried, you'd be in tears from laughter although frustrated as hell because you couldn't get the %*@#ing thing to work?

Remember those days?

Well, here's a sign I photographed at the Al Ain Motor Vehicle Registration building when I went to transfer my vehicle registration a short while before we departed. I sure as hell couldn't read the Arabic and after I had read the Arenglish three times, I had absolutely no idea what it meant.

The astonishing thing is that SOMEONE had written it and apparently understood what it meant. Ain't that scary?

I guess when you sell fuel for a pittance you can't expect to have signage that reflects accurate grammar, syntax and spelling too. Now I wonder how good the Arabic actually is?


PS: Double click to enlarge the sign
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