Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Some of Our Vistors Have Tails!

Not all of our visitors have shoes - some have long tails.

Today this young parenti (also perenti) lizard visited us, strolling casually across our front porch while we sat and watched ... and photographed.

The species is Australia's largest, correctly known as the "varanus giganteus" which grows to around two metres long.

Like all reptiles in Australia, they are protected by law, but Aborigines, for whom they were a food source before Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hungry Jacks etc, are still allowed to kill them for food (and nothing else).

This fellow is immature, about half grown and would have been hibernating during the recent winter, thus the clear coat and good condition.

If it keeps off the roadways, it should have a lot more growing to do. We are hoping it takes up residence in our garden and keeps it free from the variety of insect life that also lives here.


PS: We get small kangaroos visiting our front yard early morning and late evening too, but unfortunately they eat green stuff like ground cover and small shrubs, which doesn't impress us at all.


sassygrrl said...

You live in an interesting place Robin! But I'm scared of anything that slithers!

Robin said...

Oh, but the lizards don't slither and aren't dangerous. They only bother you if you frighten them.

retsu782000 said...

Australia seems to be a nice place but fill with wild creatures.