Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Eagle has Landed!

It wasn't quite as exciting as 1969 when Neil Armstrong uttered those immortal words, "Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed".

But it is important to us that, "Our container has landed!" It arrived yesterday after that long voyage from Al Ain to our front door as the following photos show. Here's the Allied Pickford trucks parked outside our place being unloaded.

We were pleased that all 125 boxes arrived in good order and condition and nothing we've unpacked so far has been damaged.

The photos below are self-explanatory. We now have quite a bit of work to do to unpack, separate the stuff we are giving to Meredith and Dale and decide what we are going to sell or throw out.

It's a good opportunity for us to replace some of the cookware and other stuff we've had for years, with newer, shinier, better quality gear we bought while overseas.
I've got to change the three pin electrical plugs from English and UAE types to the Australian standard electrical plugs.

Then there are the computer desks to be reassembled screw by screw, wall hangings to install ... and much more.

Meredith will want some curtain rails installed and on it goes. You can understand why I say I'm too busy to work. I've already been contacted about doing some scribing work ie, recording job interviews and then typing up the reports for presentation to delegates for approval. It's lucrative work and will give me something to do without getting too busy. Last thing I want is a full week's work.

During October here we hold the Honda Master's Games (bienial) and Christina and I have volunteered to assist with some of the activities.

Also, we have October Business Month during which the Northern Territory Government provides a number of subsidised seminars. Those that involved entrepreneurs telling us how they went from selling two widgets per month to a business with an annual turnover of 7.3 million appeal to me, so I usually take time out to attend a few.

It's also a good place to meet potential joint venture partners or those who might need my services.

So much for this issue. Goodbye, I have to totter off and open some more boxes.

Stay well.



Someone in Al Ain said...

well done glad you've got the stuff!!

please let me know your email, i the emirates is no longer working now.

send me an email to

good luck..andy help i am there!!lol

nzm said...

Who's a busy boy, then? ;-)

I love unpacking stuff and finding homes for it all.

Mind you, we are very minimalistic in our approach to acquiring "stuff" - we only have the basics.

Until we settle in one place, no pictures or wall-hangings or large ornaments for us!

Robin said...


It is a bit like Christmas finding things we had forgotten we had (an obvious sign of excess!). Finding favourite things you knew you had is great too.

Given another life, I think I would be a minimalist too. After all, most of it is really unnecessary and at the end of the day, you can't take it with you.