Thursday, March 20, 2008

Robyn and Vicki from Australia Visit

Al Ain Skyline from Jebel Hafeet
Recently we had Robyn Bonser and her sister Vicki visit us from Adelaide in Australia. They didn't stay more than four days, but in that time managed to see a little of Al Ain, the mansion in which we live, and the must-see, Hafeet Mountain.
As I was working we had to tackle JH in the evening. The weather was lovely, with a gentle, pleasant breeze and for once the sky was relatively clear. Not perfect, but a little less sand dust filled than usual.
I managed to take a photo of part of the Al Ain skyline. Al Ain is very spread out ... room's not a problem yet ... so there is actually another view larger than this to the right not shown in this photo.
It's always been nice showing off our temporary city to our visitors and they are always surprised to find such a lovely place tucked away out of the glitz, glamour and construction of Dubai.
Stay well.

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