Sunday, October 07, 2007

Christina's Brother and Wife Visit Al Ain


We were delighted recently to have Gordon and Lyndie Minett from Brisbane visit us for six days. Although they were only here for a short time, we managed to cover quite a lot of territory. Chris and friend Michael took them on a tour of some Dubai souks and malls, they attended an iftar dinner at the Al Ain Women's College (the evening meal after the Ramadan fast), the Al Ain Museum, Jebal Hafitt (mountain dividing Al Ain and Oman) and the Mercure Inn Hotel, Pacos Bar at the Hilton, the Al Ain and Al Jimi Malls, and Abu Dhabi yesterday.
The photo was taken at the front entrance to the outlandishly stylish Emirates Palace Hotel and shows Lyndie, Christina and Gordon with water fountain at the rear. We had intended to have lunch at the Emirates Palace, but unfortunately, during Ramadan daylight hours they run only one restaurant which was charging Dirhams 300 per meal plus the 16% tax and service charge. That's over $100 AUD, so we decided lunch would be a peanut brittle bar in our car while sitting in the car park (eating in public during the fasting period is an arrestable offence!).
Gordon and Lyndie departed early this morning on their way to Italy.
Ramadan ends at the end of this week and we have Thursday through Monday off for a religious holiday called Eid Al Fitr (God knows what that means in Arabic).
We probably won't go far afield, but may take in some more of Oman and some places in the UAE where we haven't yet been.
Stay well.
for Christina and Robin
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