Friday, April 20, 2007

Medal Arrives 36 Years Late


It arrived 36 years late. No, it's not a strange story about a postal article that fell behind a cabinet in Melbourne Central Postal Office and was found 36 years later. It's a story about being recognised for service 36 years after the event.
Here's the Australian Defence Medal the government has given me in recognition of my service in the Air Force. Better late than never eh?
I'm not quite sure what to do with it ... you can't eat it or drink it, but it must be good for something. Maybe I'll just store it and my kids can sell it after I move on.
The most difficult part of receiving this medal was collecting it from the Al Ain Post Office. Widely reputed for its total incompetence and inefficiency, the post office excelled when my insured parcel arrived. It took no less than four trips from Christina and me to collect it. We found that only one person has a key to the insured parcels cabinet and if he goes to prey ... or isn't at work, nothing moves out of the insured parcels cabinet. We found that preying takes at least 30 minutes; that when the postal computer says "delivered" it doesn't actually mean that a parcel has been delivered. But eventually sanity prevailed and I picked up my parcel ... the one I had waited 36 years for.
Best wishes
PS: What has Tyra Banks got that you haven't?

Friday, April 13, 2007

It's All About Me!


Well, I had the best birthday ever, despite having to work on 12 April 07.

I was having lunch in our staff lounge at Al Ain Women's College with a number of colleagues when Christina, Meredith and Tory unexpectedly entered with a cake, biscuits, slice (Christina's special), and custard tart.

We had a nice little feast and everyone wished me happy birthday as I blew out six candles. Then, when I got home at 4:30 pm, this lovely, folding bar was waiting for me. It looks much better than it does in the photo. It's hardwood engraved and with embedded brass pieces. It folds up into a neat cabinet. The top has unfolding segments at each end to make the bar top longer, and both doors open out. I've only opened the right door showing the wine rack so you can see the engraving on the left door.
It was made in Pakistan and is a truly lovely piece of work. It will look lovely in our house at home next to my wine rack which is about the same colour.
Maybe one day, you will be able to lean on the bar top with me and have a drink.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Chris Meets Big Brute in Thailand

Wow! When Christina told me she had found a "Big brute in Thailand" my imagination went wild. Then she came home with this and other shots of her and Meredith with this big brute. (Take a look at the size of the paws!).
The two girls and Tory had a wonderful time at Phuket and Bangkok as would be expected and managed to damage their credit cards as well as get in a lot of swimming, sight seeing and shopping.
Meredith and Tory have been with us almost a week and it was lovely to see them. I was envious of Chris flying off to Bangkok, but when Tory and Meredith arrived, it was all worth the wait. All three have nice tanned skin, but Tory takes the prize as his skin is lovely tan and blemish free (no freckles like some of us). And the blue eyes (which he inherited from me (skite, skite)), look nice among the tan. Lucky guy!
We still have another three weeks together and plan to make the most of it. Summer is approaching here, although the evenings and mornings still have a little coolness to make it nice and pleasant, but before long it will be 50 degrees Celsius and time to go on our overseas jaunt to Europe to see how the other white people live.
I'll report more later towards the end of the holiday.
Every best wish
for Christina, Meredith, Tory and Robin