Friday, April 20, 2007

Medal Arrives 36 Years Late


It arrived 36 years late. No, it's not a strange story about a postal article that fell behind a cabinet in Melbourne Central Postal Office and was found 36 years later. It's a story about being recognised for service 36 years after the event.
Here's the Australian Defence Medal the government has given me in recognition of my service in the Air Force. Better late than never eh?
I'm not quite sure what to do with it ... you can't eat it or drink it, but it must be good for something. Maybe I'll just store it and my kids can sell it after I move on.
The most difficult part of receiving this medal was collecting it from the Al Ain Post Office. Widely reputed for its total incompetence and inefficiency, the post office excelled when my insured parcel arrived. It took no less than four trips from Christina and me to collect it. We found that only one person has a key to the insured parcels cabinet and if he goes to prey ... or isn't at work, nothing moves out of the insured parcels cabinet. We found that preying takes at least 30 minutes; that when the postal computer says "delivered" it doesn't actually mean that a parcel has been delivered. But eventually sanity prevailed and I picked up my parcel ... the one I had waited 36 years for.
Best wishes
PS: What has Tyra Banks got that you haven't?

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