Friday, April 13, 2007

It's All About Me!


Well, I had the best birthday ever, despite having to work on 12 April 07.

I was having lunch in our staff lounge at Al Ain Women's College with a number of colleagues when Christina, Meredith and Tory unexpectedly entered with a cake, biscuits, slice (Christina's special), and custard tart.

We had a nice little feast and everyone wished me happy birthday as I blew out six candles. Then, when I got home at 4:30 pm, this lovely, folding bar was waiting for me. It looks much better than it does in the photo. It's hardwood engraved and with embedded brass pieces. It folds up into a neat cabinet. The top has unfolding segments at each end to make the bar top longer, and both doors open out. I've only opened the right door showing the wine rack so you can see the engraving on the left door.
It was made in Pakistan and is a truly lovely piece of work. It will look lovely in our house at home next to my wine rack which is about the same colour.
Maybe one day, you will be able to lean on the bar top with me and have a drink.

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Rob Beames said...

Many happy returns Robin , looking forward to "leaning" on the bar .
Sorry I havent posted comments before to your postings, have only just figured all this blog thing out, I am in the process of getting my family set up so we can all post to the same blog, what a great way to keep in touch. I will set up my own soon , will let you know the address.
My 50th next year on the 11th April party at our place , hope you are back then
Bye for now
Rob and Di Beames