Thursday, April 13, 2006

Robin's Birthday - Christina's Departure

Hello Dear Friend

Yesterday was my birthday. When we went out for dinner with friends to the Luce
Restaurant at the Al Ain Intercontinental Hotel the evening before, one or two of the more wicked ladies at our table asked the singer to sing Happy Birthday for me. Here is the singer singing her song for me. It made me feel special for a while and we finished up having a pleasant night all round.

Wednesday was a holiday here for the Prophet's birthday. He was born on 10 April, but having a holiday on 11th was convenient because I had to take our visitor Jeff Wilmer to the Dubai airport for a mid-afternoon departure and then drop Christina off in the early evening for a next day departure (0020h).

Jeff stayed around one week with us and managed to get out and about all over the place with the help of a couple of friends and ourselves, of course. He's a scientific type and said he had a great time here visiting the museum, the zoo, Oman wadis (canyon/water ways) and taking hundreds of photos of the many interesting things there are here.

Chris arrives at Melbourne around 0600h, Friday, 14 April. Meredith and Tory, who drove down from The Alice for a wedding, will meet her and after a short break will head for home. Christina returns to work at the Alice Springs Hospital on 24 April 06. I fly into Melbourne and Alice Springs on 15th or 16th June. After a three week break at home with the family, we'll be taking off to the Gold Coast and then to Canada, Hong Kong and back to Al Ain for another year of work.

Best wishes to you and yours. May Easter be a great occasion for you. As salam alaykom (Peace Be With You!)