Friday, October 20, 2006

Ramadan Ends - Eid Holiday Begins


How lucky are we to have lots of lovely friends? Last night Christina and I went to Sharon and Serge's villa for dinner and were joined by Janet and Don. (All are work colleagues).

In the photo from left is Janet, Chris, Sharon, Don and Serge. Sharon and Serge are the people with whom we stayed at Toronto, Canada during our mid-year holiday.

We are flying to Cyprus tomorrow morning with Janet and Don and will have seven days there. We are really excited and looking forward to it.

Ramadan, the month of daylight fasting ends this weekend (exact timing to be determined by the moonwatch committee ... no bull). After Ramadan is an Eid Holiday for a week. I believe Eid stands for something like celebration or festival (that's what my students tell me anyhow).

Like Christmas in Australia, there are specials in shops and many people eat and party to excess. Mostly without alcohol of course although some of the muslim locals imbibe covertly and you can always see one or two drinking openly at the hotels. Nobody seems to do anything about it.

Hope this finds you well.

All the best

for Robin and Christina

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